• Jack & Jill Kindergarten

    Our eldest daughter has been attending Jack & Jill for 3 Year’s and we could not be happier with the environment that surrounds her. The facilities provide a great mix of outdoor and indoor play along with a strong focus on music fun and craft activities. In the koala room (approx 4-5 age) the teachers mix play and school readiness beautifully. I am so grateful for how well prepared our daughter is to start school next year. 

    Academics aside, it truely is the staff that make this kindy a home away from home. A great mix of strong, nurturing, caring and inspiring women who have provided such a special environment for our daughter. And that’s why we look forward to her little sister starting next year.  I would encourage new families to come and see for yourself. 

    Jack & Jill Kindergarten

    Jack and Jill Kindergarten has been a happy, family environment for my 2 daughters. They have loved the letter and number programs and the live music played by the very talented teachers at the centre. The end of year concert and ‘portfolio’ of work received is a treasured moment of a special time. I would highly recommend the team at Jack and Jill to look after your little one.

    Jack & Jill Kindergarten

    My son has attended Jack and Jill Kindergarten at Mona Vale for the last three years, and my daughter will be following him there. 

    We were initially attracted by the homely feeling and lovely outdoor areas. The grounds are well maintained and have a number of different areas and activities for the children to explore. Educators rotate the outdoor toys regularly so they are always working on new gross motor skills and playing and discovering new games. 

    The rooms are well organised and comfortable. My son feels a sense of belonging when he walks in and is greeted by his friends and educators. The toys are educational and fun, and time is allocated to discovery learning through play. He loves showing me something he has built or made or painted at the end of each day. The care and time invested in organising craft activities is clear and makes a huge difference to the children. They really seem to enjoy doing a range of craft activities and my son almost bursts with pride when he brings home something he has made for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

    One of my favourite aspects of the kindergarten is the daily music and movement lesson. In the mornings, the children join together to sing songs to piano accompaniment. They practise actions to go along with the music and when there is a concert they are so excited to perform for their parents, grandparents and special friends. 

    Lastly, the educators are caring professionals who know the children well and help them to develop, both educationally and socially. Many of them have been there a long time, and this consistency of care is a wonderful asset to Jack and Jill. Whenever we have had a concern about our son’s development, the educators have taken the time to discuss it with us and work collaboratively towards a positive outcome. As an example, they referred us to a speech therapist for the slight lisp he had developed and worked with us to reinforce the activities suggested by the speech therapist. 

    As a teacher myself, I have high expectations of fellow educators and I have always been very happy with the level of care offered by Jack and Jill. I would not hesitate to recommend the kindergarten to others. 

    Jack & Jill Kindergarten
    It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial for Jack & Jill Kindergarten, Mona Vale.Both our children attended Jack and Jill Kindergarten and we have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending the Kindergarten to other parents/carers.From our experience, the staff have been caring/understanding, extremely dedicated and professional. Over the period that our two children attended Jack & Jill, we have always been impressed by the staff’s effort, also the standards in which the Kindy is kept. It is a well orgnaised, safe environment with staff who are friendly and genuinely interested in your child’s wellbeing and development. Jack & Jill staff are always accommodating with any concerns or worries big or small, they always make an effort to communicate and ensure you are comfortable and at ease with the care of your child. The staff value all family situations and nothing is a problem, when you phone / call in to check on your child. Maria & staff - you have been truly amazing to ensure we are confident and can trust our child is cared for in the highest standards. Thank you for such wonderful experience!